The Secret to Archiving Emails to Sugar CRM from Your Mobile Device

archive emails to sugarcrm from mobile deviceMany SugarCRM users have tried to archive their emails from their mobile sugar app into their sugar instance but have found this to be impossible…that’s because it is. Unfortunately, users cannot archive emails to Sugar from the mobile app. fortunately, we have found a way to work around that until Sugar gives mobile users the capability to do it from the mobile app directly.

So what is the secret workaround?
I am sorry to say it does not involve magic or special codes…nothing as exciting as you were probably hoping for. But here it is:

Use the browser on your mobile device.

We can all agree that it is not a very exciting secret but it is currently the only way to do it. Hopefully Sugar changes this issue soon, but until then you can use your browser on your phone, tablet, or other device to archive your emails and ensure you are not missing out on the benefits of using the email archiving feature.

What are the benefit of archiving emails to SugarCRM?

  • See all emails associated with an Account, related Contacts and related Cases
  • View emails in Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Cases modules
  • Include meeting records in Sugar
  • Avoid losing key emails, attachments, or calendar events
  • And more.

In this short video we will show you exactly how to archive emails to Sugar from your mobile device.

Archiving Email to SugarCRM with Mobile

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