This is Why Growing Companies Choose Sage 100 ERP to Replace QuickBooks

replace quickbooksMost small companies start out with QuickBooks; it’s simple, inexpensive, and it works. Companies will remain with QuickBooks for years, even decades, because it’s a great solution, but it is not a long-term one.  Eventually small companies hit a wall with QuickBooks as their business and financial management needs become more complex. Here are a few ways to recognize if you’ve hit that wall and why many companies like yours are choosing Sage 100 ERP to replace QuickBooks as they grow.

Do any of these situations strike close to home? If so, you know you’re ready to replace QuickBooks and evaluate an ERP solution that can offer you the additional flexibility and capability you need for your growing business.

  • Transaction volume increases significantly.
  • Better control over security becomes required.
  • More employees need access to the system.
  • The amount of data in the system has grown beyond what QuickBooks can handle so the system has been running slower and slower, maybe crashing from time to time.
  • You need better reporting capabilities.
  • Business complexity has increased.
  • You have too many disparate systems.
  • You need remote access to your accounting system.
  • Employees are spending more and more time on manual processes.
  • You are having issues with reporting due to data entry errors
  • You have developed a number of work-arounds.

There are plenty of other signs that the time has come to pack your virtual bags and get started with an entry level ERP system. Many companies make the choice to move over to Sage 100 ERP, but why? Check out the SlideShare presentation below to learn what makes Sage 100 ERP a popular choice for companies who need to repalce QuickBooks, then read below for some interesting statistics about what a modern ERP system like Sage 100 ERP can do for your organization.

As the slide deck explained, Sage 100 ERP gives growing businesses a solid financial management solution with a simple UI and advanced features, but what exactly do those points mean in terms of business results? Here are a few statistics about modern ERP systems and how they can help you work smarter, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line.

  • Sage 100 ERP makes accessing accurate, real-time information about daily operations fast and easy. Aberdeen Group found that companies with the ability to make faster decisions based on such information can reduce operational costs by 23% and administration costs by 22%.
  • Aberdeen also found that by improving productivity, order tracking, and decision making, growing organizations are able to increase on-time deliveries by 24%.
  • Your business is changing and managing that change is where companies struggle. Sage 100 ERP is a modern solution which, according to Aberdeen, systems are able to support change and grow operating margins by 21%.

Learn more about Sage 100 ERP in our ERP resource guide where you can access detailed product spec sheets, customer success stories, white papers, videos, and much more. Click here to enter.

How much does it cost to replace QuickBooks with an ERP system? This is a smart and very important question to ask if you’re planning your move. Download our guide below to learn the ins and outs of the costs associated with the process.

replace quickbooks

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