Thorough Testing Does Not Exist in Your Homegrown ERP System

If you have been reading this blog series, you have probably figured out how we feel about homegrown ERP solutions; they are just not giving you the benefits a best in class solution would!  one of those benefits is proper ERP system testing. The companies who have created best in class solutions have spent who knows how many hours and a ton of money testing their software to ensure it is free of bugs and does what it is supposed to do before release. You cannot say  the same for your homegrown system.

The system you have in place may not have been tested by more than a handful of people (if that), the testers may not have much experience, and did they really think of every possible scenario to test it on? Probably not. Real- life is messy, and if your ERP system is not ready for it, neither is your company! And again we will admit, yes, maybe your system is working for you, but is it using best practices? There may be better processes that you are missing that could give you the edge you are looking for.


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