Training New Employees on Your Epicor ERP System

Hiring new employees, while it is an exciting time, can also be a hectic time as you work to get them set up and productive as quickly as possible…and then of course there is teaching them to use your software programs. Training new employees to use your Epicor ERP system, or any ERP system for that matter, is easier said than done. Here are five suggestions to help you get your employees trained quickly but also to ensure they are fully grasping the information and ready to use it on the job.

  1.  Find out if your ERP vendor offers training and education. This could take the form of embedded education, classroom training, a series of webinar, online training, etc. This can help you save time and get correct information straight from the source.
  2. Don’t ask employees to train on their own time. Plenty of companies try and get new employees to do training during lunch, on breaks, or after hours. While I am sure your new employees are excited about their new position and equally as excited to contribute to the company’s success, infringing on their personal time will create resentment and resistance to the training.
  3. If you have a new hires, train them as a team, even if they are going to be in different areas of the company. This will help the new employees get to know some people in the company and understand how they’re actions in the system affect other parts of the organization.
  4. Train with your own data. It’s going to be hard enough for your new employees to learn the system, so don’t make them learn with data that does not represent their jobs. Even if your new hires have experience with your ERP system from past positions, they still need to acclimate to your organization and data. Using your company’s data in the training programs will allow users to get comfortable with real-life scenarios and information they will face in their day-to-day lives which will help them to hit the ground running in the live system.
  5. Revisit training annually. When was your last algebra class? 5 years ago? 10? 15? More? OK so solve this equation for x:  alg Yeah…right! Over time people forget the things they once knew, even if you could at some point solve that equation in your sleep, since you have not recently reviewed how to, this is an entirely impossible task! Don’t let your employees end up this way with your ERP system. To make sure they retain the knowledge they learned in training, be sure to refresh training annually. Again, this could be embedded education, virtual classes, classroom training, and in some cases, as is the case for Epicor ERP system users, an annual user conference. Aside from annual training it is also important to train employees with each new upgrade to ensure the new functionality is understood and employees know how to use it so the company can reap the benefits.

What other tactics have you used to train new employees to your ERP system? were they effective? Send us a tweet, we’d love to hear your stories and ideas!

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