Upcoming Webinar: Paperless Enterprise 2.0-The Case for Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management SoftwareDid you know that most businesses have horrible inefficiencies in document management? Maybe, but did you know that those inefficiencies that are silently costing most businesses about $1,250 per employee every year? Further, your employees are wasting about 150 hours annually (per employee) for time spent searching for and managing paper documents! Stop the madness, join us for a webinar.

Paperless Enterprise 2.0: Business Case for ERP-Integrated Enterprise Content Management Software

Miss the live webinar? watch the recording here!


How much time & money are you wasting managing paper?

If we work of those above statistics, a company with 100 employees is spending more than $100,000 and losing the equivalent of 7 full-time employees’ time each year!

Implementing an integrated enterprise content management (ECM) or document management business system can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of lost productivity but many businesses don’t use Enterprise Content Management Software to its full potential today because they don’t realize what’s possible with a modern-day ECM business solution.

Topics to be discussed in the webinar include:
• The need for Enterprise Content Management Software
• The benefits and ROI of Enterprise Content Management Software
• Integration with your ERP system
• How to choose the right system for you
• Options available for different ERP systems, such as:

  • Sage ERP Document Management
  • Epicor Advanced Print Management
  • Paperless Office for Sage 100
  • Anytime Docs for Sage 500
  • Sage X3 Enterprise Documents Management
  • more.

Attendees will also get a chance to see some of these solutions in action in a short demo and after the webinar, all registrants will receive our complimentary ECM Document Management Software Buyer’s Guide RFP Template, or you can download it below!

Enterprise Content Management Software

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