Webinar: SugarCRM for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

sugarCRM for PRMe2b teknologies has leveraged the native flexibility of SugarCRM to create a PRM system with minimal customization. Our SugarCRM system can now be used to manage our channel partners, joint sales opportunities, communications, and recruitment. Our goal is to build out addition PRM functionality and help other companies like ours gain an affordable alternative to expensive PRM solutions through SugarCRM. Watch this recorded webinar from January 2, 2013 to learn:

  1. Who needs PRM and Why
  2. How SugarCRM can be adapted to a PRM system
  3. How you can manage your partners and sales channel relationships with SugarCRM
  4. Setting up content management, contact databases, and other marketing/communication necessities
  5. Save money by using your CRM system for PRM
  6. Keep your data consistent and in one place
  7. And more!

You can do all of this and more with SugarCRM at a fraction of the cost for typical PRM solutions.


SugarCRM for PRM

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