What is Sage Mobile Sales? Benefits and Features Overview

Customers want to buy from sales people who have answers. When your sales team is in the field, are they equipped with all of the information they need to answer any questions a customer or prospect has? Do they have the information they need to pinpoint a customers needs?  Can they see stock levels and lead times? Current promotions? If your sales team has to stop and shuffle through paperwork or call the office in order to answer a question, they are wasting their time and the customer’s time; not a great way to leave a positive impressions. Sage Mobile Sales solves this problem with powerful mobile tools and access to real-time information your sales reps need to close sales. Sage Mobile Sales is an easy-to-use iPad app and service designed to give your sales team access to all of the critical information they need to close a sale anytime,anywhere. Sage Mobile Sales offers everything you need to:

  • Reduce or completely eliminate expensive printed catalogs with a smart online one.
  • View updated product and customer information anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensure the item being ordered has enough in stock to fill the order. If stock levels are insufficient, the app can pull up information on alternative options for the customer right away.
  • Review your catalog and show related items and promotions to build bigger orders.
  • Enter an order and accept immediate payment with the sage credit card attachment.
  • Build accurate quotes onsite without having to call back to the office and email it to your customer directly from the IPad.
  • Convert quotes to orders
  • Confirm available credit instantly.
  • And more.

Sage Mobile Sales is synced with your Sage ERP system so your sales rep can be the trusted advisor your customers and prospects are looking for; producing more sales for you and excellent service for your customers. Learn more about Sage Mobile Sales here.

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Sage Mobile Sales

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