Wiseco Piston Boosts Performance with Sage 500 ERP

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Going Faster definitely depends on superior pistons. Clyde Wiseman couldn’t find reliable pistons for his race boats, so he experimented with making them himself. Six decades later, his company, Wiseco Piston, Inc., is now a world leader in high-performance aftermarket pistons, supplying NASCAR, AMA Racing, NHRA Drag Racing, motorcycle, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and even vintage aircraft racers around the globe.

The company prides itself in being on the cutting edge in everything it does, which explains why it adopted an automated business system as early as 1984. “That was back when PC technology was in its infancy, and there weren’t many alternatives to big mainframes,” explains Mark Chollett, director of technology  “We selected a vertical provider, who sold us the hardware, software, wires, terminals, printers –everything— all customized to our exact needs. But 20 years later, it was all clearly obsolete.”

Sage 500 ERP is a Winner

Rejecting a multimillion-dollar bid from JD Edwards (now part of Oracle), Chollett and his team searched for a system that was designed for mid sized companies, addressed manufacturing and distribution operations, and was backed by a respected name.  The team selected Sage 500 ERP as the best fit.

Wiseco now relies on Sage 500 ERP to track incoming raw materials, manage inventory, print pick tickets, maintain bill of materials, prepare shipments, create invoices, process payables  managed fixed assets, oversee human resources, convert foreign currency transactions, and even organize returned merchandise processing.

“Sage 500 ERP has tied all parts of our manufacturing operations together,” explains Chollett. “We previously had four separate bill of material (BOM) systems. With Sage 500 ERP, we have just one.  Before, we couldn’t post batches until midnight, causing us to delay shipments. Now we can ship the same day an order finishes.  We also have greatly improved the accuracy of our picking and packing, which helps reduce shipping errors and returns.”

Speedier Shipments

Inventory items are scanned at the beginning and end of the manufacturing process using the Sage 500 ERP  Advanced Manufacturing module and its bar coding capabilities. “Sage 500 ERP gives us much better traceability of materials,” says Chollett. “We have real-time inventory, and know exactly what is on the shop floor.  And because of improved routing of bill of materials, we have significantly reduced scrap caused by BOM errors.”

Wiseco purchases components from Asia and sells products in 98 different countries  “We are really putting the Multi-currency Management module to good use, particularly on the purchasing side of the house,” Chollett comments.

The system is used to create a wide array of financial reports, including income availability and on-time delivery. “Its reporting capabilities have allowed us to trim our monthly closing cycle from five days to two and a half,” Chollett notes. “And it’s easy for us to do data mining by simply right clicking on an item and drilling down through modules.  This has made our people more self-sufficient in data analysis, and freed up time for IT staffers.”Self-Sufficient Users

Wiseco implemented Sage 500 ERP in time to configure it for new government accounting requirements.  “There’s no way we could have complied with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations without Sage 500 ERP,” says Chollett. “The system gives us the checks, balances, and security controls we need for total accountability.  I like to tell people that it does a great job of guarding the cash drawer.”

Given the company’s steady 10 percent growth rate, Chollett is confident that Sage 500 ERP was the right investment, and plans to implement more modules in the future. “Sage 500 ERP provides us with a very solid foundation for taking our business to the next level,” he says.

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