Yet Another Reason for Epicor 10 ERP Selection- TEC Certified for Multiple Manufacturing Styles

Epicor 10 ERP SelectionThere are many reasons company’s select Epicor ERP version 10 to optimize operations and increase performance, and earlier this week an announcement was made that makes Epicor 10 ERP selection an even more obvious choice, especially for manufacturers. On Monday of this week, Epicor Software announced that the latest version of the-next generation Epicor ERP solution has been recognized and certified for its ability to manage many manufacturing styles by the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC). Here is what you need to know about this announcement:

What does it mean to be TEC certified?

TEC is a industry leading provider of online software selection tools, services, and research to help companies overcome one of their largest ERP challenges, selecting the right software to fit their needs.  TEC Certification is an independent analyst product review that requires a software solution provider to demonstrate its product(s) features and capabilities to a TEC research analyst. The process of becoming TEC certified requires a product demonstration to a TEC analyst who reviews the features, UI, workflow, and pertinent functionality. If after the process is complete, the independent feels that the ERP system meets requirements, it will be given the TEC Certified Product seal for the specific industry (or industries) it was evaluated for.

What was Epicor ERP version 10 certified for?

The latest version of Epicor ERP has been certified in the discrete manufacturing ERP, mixed-mode manufacturing ERP, engineer-to-order manufacturing ERP, SMB manufacturing ERP, and ERP for distribution industries, as well as financial packages, and accounting and small business software spaces.

In short, this certification tells us that “Based on TEC’s ERP software comparison data, Epicor is one of the richest and most complete manufacturing ERP products, and the same can be said for the realm of financial applications and solutions for small business.”

What does this mean for Manufacturers?

For manufacturing companies evaluating ERP software, one of the hardest parts of the process is matching up ERP features and functionality with specific processes and requirements.

While careful self-evaluation by companies considering Epicor ERP 10 selection is still strongly recommended, this certification This TEC certification validates the claims Epicor has made, that the software provides rich out-of-the-box features and functionality to fully support the aforementioned manufacturing processes in SMBs

Epicor ERP 10 introduces a number of new applications and technologies that will transform the way companies operate. The visionary blend of rich global functionality is built on agile technology that eliminates complexity to make ERP easier to use, more collaborative and more responsive than ever before, while supporting today’s business imperatives: social collaboration, deployment flexibility, accelerated performance and broad device accessibility. Learn more about Epicor ERP 10 selection in the full TEC report

Epicor 10 ERP Selection

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