Your Custom ERP Solution Lacks Key Integration with B2B eCommerce Storefront Platforms… and That’s a Huge Problem.

Custom erp solutions are known for a severe lack of integration capabilities. Your company relies on so many important systems and if your custom ERP doesn’t play well with them you are setting yourself up for errors and quite a few headaches; especially if you use an eCommerce storefront.

With a lack of integration into your ecommerce storefront you are limiting your ability to offer customer-specific pricing and will be unable to pull ERP data directly into your ecommerce storefront. You will have to resort to more custom development work and/or manually entering data which is not only a pain but it can lead to duplicate data, data entry error, and a laundry list of other issues.

As other some of our other blogs have indicated, B2B ecommerce storefront sales are already exploding and are not going to slow down any time soon- so having ERP that integrates with ecommerce is paramount as the younger generation moves into the workforce and will bring their preference for online shopping to the office.

The moral of the story is this; you may be happy with your custom ERP solution but you are missing out on functionality that can improve your operations, make your employees more productive, and give you that leg up that everyone wants on their competition. So unless you want to be left in the dust, its time for you to invest in a leading ERP solution that can keep your business moving forward.

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